Cleanup Of The Bassette Cemetary

EHFI is very excited to lend a helping hand to the Do Gooders of Hampton Roads. We will mow the lawns in the Bassette and Elmerton cemeteries in downtown Hampton which are overgrown with grass. EHFI is looking forward to partnering with Do Gooders of Hampton Roads to adopt a spot and help clean up the cemetery.

Our ancestors deserve to have their final resting spots cared for. Will you join us? Be part of a positive movement in the community. These graves tell a story. Some of these resting places are from the 1800s. That means there are slaves buried here. It was an honor to come out and serve in this manner. We look forward to cleaning up the area and restoring it back to a beautiful place of slumber.


Deena Moore Franklin

Whalen McDew

Event Goal

  • Bring awareness to the project.
  • Support the Do Gooders of Hampton Roads in making a difference in the community.
  • Beautify the resting places of the ancestors.