Executive Director

Emanuel Yancey IV

Emanuel Yancey has always had a caring heart, and since the age of seven, a green thumb. Anytime his mother’s plants were dying, she would ask, “Where’s Emanuel?”. Without fail, he would bring them back to life. She also told him to talk to the plants because there is power in the spoken word and it gives life

The elderly have also always been dear to Emanuel’s heart. As a child, he had seven living grandparents, with whom he enjoyed spending time and gleaning from. He would often visit his 80-year-old great-grandmother, helping her in her garden. He listened to her, learned about gardening, and relied on her wisdom. She would tell him about her four o’clock flowers, and how they bloomed at four o’clock daily. She would compare them to God’s timing in our lives saying, “Emanuel, everything is done in God’s timing.”

Emanuel also has a passion for the youth. He was a youth leader in his church and has mentored young men and women throughout his life. He was especially touched by the fatherless and the hopeless. He would spend time with them and teach them how important it is to channel energy into positive things. More recently, he has helped young men to find a purpose in life and get back on track.

Over the years, Emanuel’s passion for gardening, sharing with the elderly, and imparting into the youth have been paths that have gradually converged together. Emanuel has proven that even though we may veer away, focusing on recognition and fame, we always come back to where our heart is… that is Emanuel’s Hope Foundation.