Registered Agent

David Yancey

Nuclear Engineer D.L. Yancey II is making a mark in the world of leadership with inspirational messaging through the art of song and storytelling. Crowned as “ The Motivational Singer”, he and his acoustic guitar paint perspectives of life that provide an enriching experience for audiences of all ages. In 2019 he released his debut album, “Life Is Love”, which provides the listener with inspirational songs of love, hope, and self-development. His recent 2020 published children’s book, “The Adventures of King: My Red Guitar”, exposes young readers to the world of STEM through art and leadership.

D.L.’s life experiences and his 13 years of professional experience spanning nuclear power, diversity and inclusion, community projects, and music entertainment create the foundation from which he crafts his presentations. A seasoned facilitator of discussions around leadership, teamwork, and culture, D.L.’s passion-driven skill set has granted him invitations to conferences, board rooms, universities, community centers, and many other organizations/events.