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Emanuel’s Hope Foundation passionately holds the belief that our elderly are the bedrock and pillars of our community, having laid the foundation for generations to come. We are dedicated to ensuring their later years are brimming with love, honor, joy, peace, and happiness despite physical limitations and financial constraints. Recognizing that many in the senior community struggle to maintain their landscapes, we are committed to alleviating this burden by offering FREE lawn care. By doing so, we aim to prevent city fines, the distress of navigating an unkept land, and potential home loss. Together, let’s dispel the fear, turning it into a landscape of comfort and pride for everyone to behold.


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To provide complimentary and affordable lawn care services for seniors, who due to physical and financial limitations are unable to enjoy a well maintained landscape.

With a truck in every neighborhood: EHFI will restore the pride and security in the hearts of seniors, by removing the stress of lawn care and replacing it with the joy of having a beautifully manicured lawn.

Our purpose is to honor and give back to the underserved community of senior citizens. By spreading Love, Joy, Compassion one lawn at a time; we will remind seniors we care and value their lives. 

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