Who We Are

Emanuel's HOPE Foundation is a compassionate organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of seniors. Through the provision of free lawn care services, the foundation strives to alleviate the stress and financial constraints faced by elderly individuals, fostering a sense of pride, joy, and peace in their homes. Committed to honoring the invaluable contributions of seniors to the community, the foundation works passionately to create a positive impact and bring smiles to the faces of those who have laid the foundation for future generations.

Be The Reason Why Our Senior Smiles

In their golden years, seniors rely on the younger generation for protection. It is a profound honor to safeguard the assets they dedicated their lives to securing, paying tribute to their hard work and enduring legacy.

Home Repair Referrals

Access to reputable service partners who offer discounted, senior-friendly, customer service for home repair services.

Lawncare Services

Discounted and complimentary services including manicured lawns, hedge cutting, tree trimming, debris removal.

Meet Our Amazing Board

Program Details


The process to be approved for services: Complete the application, Provide income verification documents, and verify number of people living in residence. Upon approval: Services and requirements to maintain service. Received service twice a month, monthly donation, and EHFI sign on display on completed lawn.

Seniors are required to be 70 and older or 65 with a disability to qualify for services.

Seniors must meet the age requirements and have an income of less than $30,000.00/year. There can be no more than one able body male between the age of 15-64 in home.

Lawn Mowing, Edging, Trimming Hedges, Removing Debris/Hazards