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Complimentary Lawn Care Services

Emanuel’s HOPE Foundation, Inc. believes the elderly are the pillars of the community and have laid the foundation for the following generations.

Therefore, their latter years should be filled with love, honor, joy, peace, and happiness. Due to physical limitations and/or financial constraints, many in the senior and elderly communities are often unable to keep up with the essential repairs of their residence or to pay someone for these services. As a result, they are sometimes subject to city fines, in addition to the embarrassment of unkempt premises.

Emanuel’s HOPE is helping seniors maintain their independence by bridging the gap, particularly for those living alone. We provide services that include: manicuring lawns; cutting shrubs and trees; removing hazards and debris.

With your donation, you are purchasing landscaping equipment and supplies, vehicles to haul equipment to senior locations as well as compensation for workers. Every bit counts and is appreciated. Your support speaks volumes about your love for our elderly community.

When you offer your support to a senior who is struggling to keep up the beautification of their home, you are helping to revive a legacy.

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Be The Reason A Senior Smiles

Seniors depend on the younger generation to protect them in their seasoned years. What better way to honor those that came before us than to offer protection over the assets they worked so hard all their lives to secure.

Lawncare Services

Discounted and complimentary services including manicured lawns, hedge cutting, tree trimming, debris removal.

Home Repair Referrals

Access to reputable service partners who offer discounted, senior-friendly, customer service for home repair services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Program Details

How does the program work?
The process to be approved for services: Complete the application, Provide income verification documents, and verify number of people living in residence. Upon approval: Services and requirements to maintain service. Received service twice a month, monthly donation, and EHFI sign on display on completed lawn.
What is the age minimum to participate?
Seniors are required to be 70 and older or 65 with a disability to qualify for services.
How does a senior qualify?
Seniors must meet the age requirements and have an income of less than $30,000.00/year. There can be no more than one able body male between the age of 15-64 in home.
What services are offered?
Lawn Mowing, Edging, Trimming Hedges, Removing Debris/Hazards